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Yamaha Motor

Generator Matchmaker

To determine which Yamaha generator best meets your energy requirements. You simply select the products you are planning to use at the same time and add these to the matchmaker.
Category Product(Running watts)
Lighting Light bulbs (10W-200W)  Fluorescent lights (300W-500W) 
Life Rice cooker (300W-1200W)  Coffee maker (350W-600W) 
Toaster (600W-800W)  Microwave oven (850W-1500W) 
Refrigerator (50W-250W)  Air conditioner (600W-1500W) 
Television (50W-250w)  Hair drier (600W-1200W) 
Washing machine (300W-500W)  Pump (600W-1500W) 
Industrial Soldering iron (50W-100W)  Electric drill (200W-600W) 
Hand grinder (150W-300W)  Disk grinder (450W-1100W) 
Impact wrench (250W-500W)  Chainsaw (600W-1500W) 
Air compressor (200W-750W)   
Starting Watts* Running Watts x 1.0
Running Watts x 1.1 to 2.0
Running Watts x 2.1 to 4.0
Clear Recommend generator(s)
*Starting Watts
With some electric equipment,a generator output (VA) of 3 or 4 times the designated wattage consumption (W) may be required!
The graph is only a guide for selecting a power generator. Since the actual power consumption and required power output vary with the device,please be sure to check the power consumption for the device you use.
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